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Running Gear and Accessories for Men and Women 7 Women's Running Shorts for Cool, Comfy Runs Run like the wind for one, five, or all miles! By Andrew Bettlach. Fitness Clothing Feb 6, Get a Grip: The 9 Best Trail Running Shoes for Men and Women.

We loved products with increased portability and visibility, and our all-time favorites were those who excelled across the board. Whether you're on the search for an ultra-lightweight adventure partner or a comfortable workout companion, we've got you covered. The Patagonia Airshed is an awesome all-around running jacket perfect for runners who need a little protection from the elements. Our testing team adored its comfortable fit and lightweight materials.

We found it to be incredibly breathable and great for cranking up the heat. It is both wind resistant and extremely packable, making for an awesome choice on windy or cool days. The only drawbacks to this jacket were its lack of hood, small amount of fancy features, and lack of warmth. The pullover style isn't for everyone, and our testing team was split. The zipper does extend far enough down the torso to allow for more airflow, however, and we thought the cut was a nice blend of style and performance.

If you're looking for an affordable, lightweight jacket that is high on comfort and breathability, look no further than the Airshed. Patagonia Airshed - Women's. Brooks makes a lot of our favorite shoes, but what about their jackets? As it turns out, they make some of our favorite clothing, too. We try to hide price information from our testers during hands-on testing to promote objectivity, and the LSD was still one of our all-time favorites.

The cut was cute, the material soft, and the weight incredible. This jacket also included two of our favorite features: We would have liked to see some venting for better breathability, and the weather resistance was above-average but not the best. That being said, when compared to other jackets in its weight category, the LSD is pretty impressive.

The features are carefully designed for runners, and at such a bargain price, we don't think you'll be disappointed. Brooks LSD - Women's. Coming in hot is the Brooks Canopy , a warm, comfortable jacket full of the best features a runner could ask for. We found it to be the perfect companion for cool spring mornings due to its practical fit and cozy materials. Like the LSD , this jacket has excellent visibility, a neat packable hood, and an armband for easy transport. The media port is an cool bonus that continues to add to this jacket's user-friendliness.

On the other hand, the Canopy had room for improvement. Its weight was a concern for some of our testers, and there were some contenders with improved breathability. If you stick to cool weather in this layer, however, we think you'll find a nice balance between warmth and airflow. The Arc'teryx Gaea is a bit of a black sheep in this review as the only truly insulated jacket that we tested.

We were immediately concerned that it would be just too warm for running, but what we found was a highly breathable winter layer that we couldn't get enough of. With awesome features like rear stash pockets, a media port, and exceptional comfort, this jacket is one of a kind.

However, there are some drawbacks to this layer too. While the warmth-to-breathability ratio is stellar, this jacket requires seriously cold temperatures.

It's heavy and lacking in the ability to easily pack down. To happily use this jacket, you'd need to be fairly committed to keeping it on for the duration of your workout, which is pretty feasible given its above-average breathability. If you're searching for a winter layer to keep you warm during your coldest workouts, this is the one. Sometimes, in the battle between weather resistance and breathability, weather wins.

This layer provides awesome protection from the elements for days when you'd much rather stay inside. The burly hood cinches down tight and features a sturdy brim to keep water away from your face. With built-in hand shells, you can keep your hands dry and protected without needing another accessory.

While not as comfortable or as breathable as some of the others jackets in this review, the Ultra is the clear choice for when a storm rolls in. Other than the lack of airflow, the next biggest downside to this product is the price. If you've ever gotten caught out in the rain during a Sunday long run, you know the importance of having a weather resistance layer.

And if you've ever been distracted by chafing during an important race, you know that comfort is essential to performance. Because we wanted to find the best jacket out there, we reviewed our twelve favorite products on five factors: Our testing plan included multiple runs in a range of climates, from steep, uphill runs in Yosemite's hot sun to longer jaunts through the windy pampas of Argentine Patagonia.

We designed our tests to judge each product in direct comparison to the others and then award a numerical score based on that performance. After months of hands-on testing, we've identified our favorite jackets and are excited to share the results. Our parents told us to never discuss money, but here's the part of the review where we get into the nitty-gritty of value.

Generally speaking, value is the intersection of a product's overall score and its retail price. And while it should be that simple, we know that it isn't. We were easily blown away by the Brooks LSD. It is the least expensive jacket in this review but without a doubt one of our favorites. Its features make it perfectly runner-friendly, and we think this is an excellent choice for runners on a budget or even those who aren't.

Our Editors' Choice Award always goes to our top-scorer, regardless of price, but with this review, we were happy to find that this year's winner is very affordable. Sometimes, a certain product trait is absolutely essential to the type of running you do. We urge you to really consider which of the scoring metrics we tested for are the most important to you and the location where you run to determine if a jacket is worth your investment.

We know as well as anybody that one great way to enjoy the outdoors is slowly and peacefully. But that's not what this review is about. Whether you're a seasoned ultramarathon runner or just getting into the game, running is going to make you work up a sweat.

Which is why this category is so incredibly important. Breathability describes a garment's ability to allow air to flow freely through it. When we start working up a sweat, our body's main cooling mechanism is evaporation.

For that to happen, we need air. If you've ever seen anyone exercise in a trash bag, you know that the less air is allowed to your skin, the more you'll sweat. And we don't want to run in a trash bag. We want our skin to stay cool and dry, which requires unique and permeable materials. In this review, we found a range of breathability scores. At the top of the list were lightweight products made of inherently breathable materials, like the Patagonia Airshed and Brooks Canopy. The other way a jacket could enhance its breathability is through venting.

Jackets like the Arc'teryx Gaea used a mix of different materials to enhance airflow to our sweatiest areas, typically the underarms and back. Among the products listed above, other high scorers in this category were the Icebreaker Cool-Lite Rush , whose merino interior is naturally breathable, and the Outdoor Research Tantrum II.

If you live in a place that's both warm and prone to bad weather, this jacket will be of the utmost importance to you. If we had it our way, we'd only ever have to run under perfectly clear skies in cool temperatures. But even though we live in California, we have to put up with less than ideal conditions sometimes. Whether that's wind, rain, snow, or cold temps, jackets are meant to protect us from these elements. As you might imagine, a fabric that can block wind is typically not as good at letting air out, which means that we're often compromising between wind and rain resistance and breathability.

The Ultimate Direction Ultra Jacket V2 , as well, was one of our most weather resistant jackets, but its breathability was subpar.

The Brooks Canopy struck the balance a bit better than these, which is one of the reasons it won our Top Pick for Cool Weather Cruising. On top of wind we also have precipitation and the many forms it can present itself in. None of the jackets we tested in this review are real rain jackets, and all eventually let some moisture through.

That being said, the Ultra Jacket is the winner of our Top Pick for Racing in the Rain due to its top-notch water resistance. If you're looking for a jacket to bring "just in case" of rain, most of these jackets will do the trick, though none will keep you totally dry in an elongated downpour.

The final category we test for in this metric is cold temperatures. While the vast majority of the jackets we tested provide little to no insulation, there were a few great exceptions. The first of these is the Canopy , whose warmer materials make for a great addition to cool weather. Featuring dynamic venting that works when you do, this high-performance running jacket will keep you going longer when the temp drops. Run without distraction in this water-resistant, ultra-light jacket that features articulated, anti-rub seams that move with your body and a stand collar for added coverage.

Length from shoulder to hip front: What it lacks in weight, this versatile shell gains in durability. Waterproof Wind Protection Lightweight. Traverse the toughest terrain in no time with these award-winning ultralight, race-ready trail runners designed in collaboration with TNF ultrarunner Rob Krar.

This water-resistant and windproof hooded running shell packs down to the size of your fist. Our lightest layer yet, it will keep you protected when the weather goes south. Reflective trims add safety when you are pounding the road and visibility dro. Run without distractions with this ultralight, water-resistant vest that's designed for endurance runners.

The anti-rub seams move with your body and eliminate chafing. The next-to-skin fit of this seamless quarter-zip running top will help you rake in those pre-summer miles on technical trails without wasting any effort. Seamless, fast-drying and long-lasting quarter-zip top Slim fit for next-to-skin performance Semi-auto-locking center-front zip Made in Italy Logo on chest.

Designed with endurance runners in mind, this durable, quick-drying and odor-resistant jersey tee has wrapped seams for a superior fit and a slight drop-tail hem for extra coverage when you power up steep ascents.


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