12 Great Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Men

Stocking stuffers are an amazing part of Christmas. Sometimes the best gifts are the smallest in size — and that’s what makes revealing what’s in your stocking on Christmas morning so exciting.

My husband likes magazines and ammo too! Vintage Feedsack Chalkboard Lockets Makes a wonderful holiday stocking stuffer!

Check off the last of your Christmas gift list for the whole family with these fabulous and tiny stocking stuffer gifts that we've rounded up this Christmas.
Even though stocking stuffers are small, it’s a great way to show someone you love how much you care. They can be a nod to a funny inside joke, a unique habit or a hobby. And while their size can lead them to being overlooked, stocking stuffers can pack a surprising amount of sentimental value.
Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, Women and Kids Traditionally, stocking stuffers are smaller gifts that tend to be secondary to the main gifts under the Christmas tree. But with any number of fun, useful and unique stocking stuffer ideas for all ages, don’t be surprised if your humble little gifts turn out to be a big hit when it’s time to open presents.
80+ Genius Stocking-Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List. These gifts prove good things can come in small packages.
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121 Unique Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men, Women and Kids

80+ Genius Stocking-Stuffer Ideas for Everyone on Your List. These gifts prove good things can come in small packages.

Whether in the office or at home a handmade wooden pen can make those mundane tasks more enjoyable or at least make you look classy while doing them. In this age of iPhones and technology, some guys still like to jot things down with a pen and paper. These mini journals are a great size. Or how about some Aqua Notes for those ideas or thoughts that hit you in the shower.

A man can be very hard on this wallet , and it eventually starts to fall apart and will need to be replaced. I keep my wallet in my front pocket, so I prefer a slimmer design or like this one. Any man likes to chill in his favorite graphic t-shirt , whether it be sports , movies, or childhood memories Nintendo. If your guy regularly listens to music or podcasts, then a set of headphones or bluetooth headset are always a good choice.

If you want the men in your life to smell like something other than sweat, then a good manly scented soap from Free Reign Farm or this soap from Lexie Naturals will do the job.

Read my review of their hand-crafted soaps here. Any men in your family have facial hair? If so, Hobo Beard Oil will keep it healthy and tame. A good cap from his favorite sports team or other interest tops things off nicely. Or what about a newsboy cap. Changing skin care products is one of the last things men change when moving toward a more natural lifestyle free of harsh chemicals.

You can help with natural skin care like this shaving cream from Pacific Shaving Company or this lip balm from Lexie Naturals. Many men have started using shaving brushes or shaving soaps like the one from Free Reign Farms as opposed to the traditional creams. A few guys have even gone back to using safety razors and claim they get a closer shave.

Then there is always the electric back shaver or baKblade for those hard to reach areas. Dollar Shave Club is definitely worth checking out as well—very good quality for an excellent price. Some guys are movie buffs, so his favorite guy movie will make a great addition to his DVD library. Some light, fun reading can always be good to de-stress or take his mind off everyday life. Or something with a little more substance like How God Makes Men is always a good read and is one of my new favorites.

Even something to read with his son or daughter will be a hit. I like this carabiner , this knife just be careful in the airport , this globe and the Tardis for Dr. I have a small lego superman one. From wall decals to car decals to computer decals , a good sticker can spice up any area of his life. I get comments about my superman one all the time. And if he wants to have a little more fun, some temporary tattoos could be just the thing for a laugh. If any man in your life is a coffee drinker, the Volcanica Coffee Company has something for him.

Like knives, a man can never have too many flashlights for any occasion — something small to keep in the nightstand or a little more flexible for those hard to see spots. If you want him to leave you little notes around the house, he might be more apt to do so if he uses moustache notes. These are nice too! These mustache bandages or these bacon bandages would solve that problem.

An Yeti or Rtic 30 oz. Tumbler add handle or straws , a Manteen , a Tervis tumbler or a personalized glass are great for cold or hot beverages. Which is your man?

Anything for the man cave — a sign, sports memorabilia, etc. For the techie in your life, perhaps something practical would be useful. How about a portable charger to keep his devices charged on the the go. Or a Boogie Board to jot down lists or notes.

Does anyone like to travel? This travel map is a great way to mark the countries that have been visited. Or use this leather passport cover for important documents. How about this travel case if he has a celebratory cigar on occasion?

There are many useful tools , like this magnetic wristband or a stud finder , that fit nicely into a stocking. A good screwdriver or stubby hammer will also be a good fit for his stocking. Or even some camping tools like this waterproof match kit or even a Zippo or butane lighter to start a fire. Then, there are tools for hunting like a duck call or a deer grunt or hand warmersfeet or camp for the face. Then there are the tools to open your bottles, like this Millennium Falcon Bottle Opener.

Any musicians in your life? Some classy musical gadgets or fun tools could be needed. Even an item like these drumstick pens would be awesome.

Is your man always breaking his sunglasses? He may need some new ones or just an extra pair to keep around. Or this clip to help him keep up with his sunglasses.

Our Christmas tree includes ornaments from memorable moments in our marriage, our interests, our travels, etc. Give him an ornament for the tree that marks an important event or showcases his sports team or shows his interests. Another practical idea is batteries. Batteries and magazines are good idea. I added those to the intro paragraph. Hope the list helped a little. Thank you for the ideas! My husband recently started growing a beard, so I decided to try the hobo oil, wash and balm.

I think he will appreciate it a lot. I am not usually supportive of his beard. He will love that I found a way to support it! The bread cream from Lexie and the Hobo Oil are great. I just them on my beard and goatee all the time.

I even use Lex: Beard on my skin as well. Thanks for all of the terrific manly ideas! My husband is totally there with you on the beard care supplies. And, might I add — tattoo moisturizer. Thanks so much for the love, Will! All the items on this list are awesome. So far Stephen has hair bands in his stocking bag… haha. Think he would care if I put his Lex: Beard in there too? I did see some really cool ones on etsy wooden ones and engraved ones.

Thank you for giving me ideas because I was honestly going to go with just socks! I love the bacon bandages too! This was very helpful. Great list, awesome ideas. With 5 socks to fill.. No way… I think ill stick to scratch off lottery tickets, travel toothpaste and socks!!!

This is just a list of suggestions where people can pick a handful of these things to put in a stocking. Such pastimes help to reduce stress and encourage patience, two things any guy could use more of in his life. While working on it, e-mail and voice mail must wait. By engaging focus and following the procedure to produce something that works, we allow different parts of our mind to be used, letting others that are used too much a bit of down time.

Guillow has been making these fun balsa wood airplanes since , and I must say their story is one worth reading into when you have a chance. Plus, it can be great for visiting family members.

They can be used when your family member returns home, at their convenience. However, for a man close to you, who values the maintenance of his car or truck, this is a wonderful, inexpensive, but very caring little gift to tuck into the holiday goody bag. One wax highly worth considering is Souveran by Pinnacle Wax. Of course, you can always elect to go with a less pricey wax, but if you want the best, here it is.

These are great for guys who have to wear the same pairs of shoes every day five days a week. They keep the inside of dress shoes from taking on the odors of hot, tired feet. Cedar shoe trees also help fine leather shoes to keep their shape over time, rather than collapsing into patterns of wear. Remember to include a box of nice matches with your gift.

When you light it, you are pulling air in through the body of the cigar. Lighters damage the flavor and aroma of a good cigar with chemical fumes. Especially with the dry cold of winter, help your furry friends stay looking their best with a gift of some nice beard oil.

Not only will it keep their beards glossy and cared-for, but it will help to protect their face from skin issues associated with the seasonal dryness—breakouts and patchy, itchy epidermis. This is a wonderful small gift for any guy in your life.

This is a great gift between coworkers or to someone special in your life. There are so many unique and interesting mug designs out there today that one is sure to express precisely how you feel about a guy in your life. From snarky sayings to extra-large designs, you can find a wonderful mug for every guy in your circle. For the caffeine fiend in your life, personal coffee bags can be a wonderful little stocking stuffer.

They offer the coffee hound in your midst to personalize the grind of their choice—and help to conserve resources. Much like cufflinks, collar stays may be a part of the lost art of couture for guys.

These are tabs that weigh down the tips of the collar on a collared shirt, fixed underneath so they go unseen. It allows men to have a casual, open-collared button-down look without fixing the collar with buttons. Collar stays keep the shirt from gaping open, and the collar portion flattening out, so your guy always looks crisp and freshly dressed. Consider taking a look at the fine Swiss Stays.

Does anyone really enjoy cords? How many times have you had to dig through your bag to find them? As technology advances and things become more compact in their design, a little cord to attach on the end of a flash drive can prevent a prolonged search in the bottom of a computer bag. It simply makes it more noticeable and easier to grasp. Pick up your creative cables at Eastern Collective.

If a gentleman has a desk, chances are, he needs an organizer of some sort, a stylish pen holder, or even a new desk calendar for the next year.

These are relatively inexpensive and come in a variety of styles. Also known as a toiletry bag, in case you were wondering, this makes a great gift for almost any guy. Much like wallets, kit bags get a lot of wear and tear, especially if a particular guy travels for business. If your guy owns a home, he may have need of this.

Or he may just have a hole in the upholstery of his car and need a quick patch. You never know when it will prove useful, which, we suspect is part of its appeal. While you may think this is an antiquated gift in this electronics-focused day and age, a pocket jot book can come in handy in a variety of situations. This is a bit more specific and requires some knowledge about a particular man.

If they are a gun enthusiast or use firearms in their profession, knowing what caliber and type is best will come in handy. It also shows that you know them and are wise to the small things they like or need. This may sound cheesy to you, but a high quality, durable flashlight is a perfect gift for the man in your life.

It may serve as a valuable piece of home-prep in the event of a power outage or be the lifesaver they need to change a tire on a dark back road. Flashlights are great gifts no matter what sort of leisure or business pursuits a guy has — because being able to shed dependable, bright light on a situation is never a bad idea.

Having a set of three can keep a guy from having to buy them at the Pro shop immediately prior to a game. This is very specific gift. But if a guy you know loves the outdoors and often plans camping and hiking trips, having this at his belt can be a boon. You can take it to the max and purchase a pair of noise-canceling headphones for the music-loving guy in your life.

Or it could be as simple as a new pair of earbuds to replace those old ratty ones you notice a coworker using. The point is that you noticed a need, and sought to fill it. For especially cold climates, reusable hand warmers that go inside gloves are a major boon, especially before the steering wheel has warmed up in the morning. But they can also be given for the gentlemen who enjoy outdoor activities or prefer to take alternative transportation in their daily travel.

Hot sauce can be a great little tuck bag present—especially if you know the guy enjoys the spicier side of things. Research your recipient and see if he has a particular favorite brand or style of hot sauce.

Then, you can be sure your gift will hit the spot. You can go high-end or just include some good quality, pre-packaged varieties. Candy is all fine and good, but beef jerky really hits the spot in between meals, on the road, or out in the field. This can be a wonderful stocking stuffer for the teenager, the twenty-something, or even Dad. Whether a guy gardens, grouts tile, or gets down in the garage, knee pads are an awesome and caring gift that will never go unappreciated.

Kind of like socks, but with more purpose. You really show awareness and care when you tuck these under the tree for the guy in your life—and they make good small presents between guys—relatives, friends, or coworkers. This is one of those small necessities for many who upgrade to a new device that will always be appreciated. Leather hip wallets look fantastic, but they do wear out. A beautiful new wallet with a family picture or one of you, if you happen to be his main squeeze, is a touching and special gift.

The wallet holds everything that a guy needs to get through his day—money and credit cards, identification, key cards, and the love of those closest to him.

Whether you give a guy a pair of great, heavy-duty work gloves for yard work, construction work, or other rough tasks, or you present him with a pair of finely stitched Italian driving gloves, these are a hit.

Whatever you decide, gloves are a great way to show you care. How many times has a guy in your life showed up with towel lint or puppy hair clinging to his suit pants?

Lint rollers are inexpensive, but also indispensable tools of personal grooming. As far as practical gifts go, this one is hard to beat. In a disposable age, having a good pen that you refill is a mark of sophistication.

Along with personal stationery and handkerchiefs, a nice pen—it need not be a Mont Blanc—kept in the breast pocket of the shirt speaks of quality and attention to the things that matter in life. While you can always stuff a stocking with socket wrenches or hard-to-keep drill bits, everyone needs household tools.

This can be a cordless drill, or it could be a multi-tool that is a bit like a Swiss Army knife, but with screwdrivers and other commonly needed tools instead. No tools will ever go unappreciated, though you may want to check and make sure no one has the same idea.

Ten Manly Scented Candles: While this might be a more fun-loving stocking stuffer, it also functions to conserve body heat during the winter. We lose up to 90 percent of our heat through the top of our heads. You can find them in most stores, but if you wanted to add a special personal note and are inclined to knit or know someone who is, you could make it yourself. Cologne is typically a gift that should be reserved for someone close to you, a husband or a boyfriend.

While we live in a world of Kleenex, handkerchiefs convey a sense of quality and stability. They tend to create a similar impression as a pocket watch might—old-school, perhaps, but infinitely classy. As well, they are a classic way to be green. It can be quite useful to have a keychain to put all those keys we seem to accumulate.

It can be a fine leather keychain or a novelty store joke that makes them chuckle every time they lock and unlock their front door. It need not break the bank to be a special and useful gift. There is a feeling of order, of ritual to soaping the brush and applying the suds every morning before dressing for work. If you wish, you could even coordinate with family and friends to each give an aspect of a complete, traditional shaving kit.

Protecting the delicate muscles and photoreceptors of the eye from the damaging effects of ultraviolet radiation is an important aspect of eye health that is often neglected. A pair of nice, polarizing sunglasses can make a morning commute that much easier for a guy in your life. As well, having a durable pair of trekking sunglasses may be just the thing a man of your acquaintances was looking for when he takes time off from the rest of the world to commune with nature.

This is a relatively inexpensive gift that can show you care, much in the same way socks do.

25 Stocking Stuffers He's Guaranteed to Love. These ideas for men might even beat the presents under the tree. From stylish men accessories to cool decorating stuff, these gifts are what men really want for Christmas. The great news is they are affordable and fit your budget. Scroll down to discover now! 1. The Carry On Cocktail Kit Mini kit to make fine champagne cocktails. Unique, cute and fun. Superb stocking stuffer for men who travel a lot. Check off the last of your Christmas gift list for the whole family with these fabulous and tiny stocking stuffer gifts that we've rounded up this Christmas.