Appleone is a JOKE - Don't Waste Your Time

About us. AppleOne Employment Services is a full-service employment company. Founded in , we are now celebrating over five decades of the AppleOne Experience.

I understand the frustration when you feel you are being lied to, but I, and all my co-workers, am very upfront with candidates we meet with. Temp agencies do not have your best interest in mind, they care only about their. In i moved to LA and within 2 weeks of visiting Appleone in Woodland Hills they placed me in a temp to perm job that i ended up with for 6 years making excellent money, benefits and bonuses! They found me a great job within a short amount of time.

Hiring Made Human ®. We at AppleOne have one true belief. We believe in people. Since , we have connected the best people, their talents, skills, career goals, and aspirations with the best companies.
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Appleone is a JOKE - Don't Waste Your Time. AppleOne jobs forums. Appleone is a JOKE - Don't Waste Your Time: Get new comments by email. My Email You can cancel email alerts at anytime. You are obviously an AppleOne employee trying to make them look better - don't disguise yourself. Look at ALL the negative comments on this board.
About us. AppleOne Employment Services is a full-service employment company. Founded in , we are now celebrating over five decades of the AppleOne Experience.
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I enjoyed the company and team I worked with at the time and would refer a friend there for employment. It's a good place to understand client to employee need relationships. They place you with jobs. Great Company to work for.

Always willing to assist with any problems that would arise. If the opportunity arose, I would go back and work with Appleone. The have the ability to match you to the perfect position. They are very clear what their expectations are and go above and beyond to ensure that you are compensated fairly.

Always working to obtain a position for you! Very well connected job announcement team not only with in branch office but, between various branches. Often get bids for high numbers to contracting staff for short term assignments. The staff were very helpful in getting temporary day jobs. I was able to work in manufacturing, in customer service and HVAC. The only problem is that most jobs really did not turn into anything full time. I am a temporary employee. AppleOne has been instrumental in finding me jobs.

I credit my previous permanent positions to AppleOne. They have always been my advocate in finding me a job that is suitable to my skill set. Great temp agency, will keep employees working.

AppleOne is a great temp agency that will keep employees working if they want. Training is provided and in most cases the employee walks away with new skills and experience to add to their resume. An assignment that is comfortable and well paid will eventually end. A great place to get a great start. AppleOne is a great place to start your search for a "career home".

Whilst working on contract assignments, one may be considered for a direct-hire situation in many cases, resulting in a permanent placement. The hours where great but assignments far from of what my skills background.

My experience was great, they found me a job in less than two weeks. I refereed someone and that person was treated horribly. You can not call in, you can not make any mistakes at all. If you do make a mistake while on a job for them, you will be told by the company you are a temp at and from Appleone, even on holidays.

I got a call letting me know that the first mistake I made could cost me the temp job on Mother's Day while I was out with my Family. Micro managed, no time off even for emergencies and medical conditions.

Typical work day very fast working environment. What I learned to customize each call. I do not what to be solely responsible for them finding a position.

We are a service. We try to help, but we can't help everyone. If you don't want to take our tests or fill out our paperwork, then don't. If you think all our posted jobs are fake which they are not , then ignore them. We will continue to match great people to great companies and you can continue to find a position through Monster or Craigslist or whatever you feel most comfortable with. I'm willing to work for low pay just to be working, since my career for over 20 years is down the drain due to the economy.

I went from 75K per year to about per year. As I said, they helped my ex find a job, so I am going to register with them and see what happens. Emily Alexander in Franklin, Tennessee said: StaffingGuru in Los Angeles, California. I found this comical for a number of reasons. First, most companies trying to hire someone come to a staffing agency asking for the world and not want to pay jack.

Who ever said you had to take it? But, they did however find you a viable job opportunity.. I was starting to take it personally. I actually complained to management regarding Appleone Temp, and they actually had the nerve to say that I had not been striving on my end!!! Can you believe that. I not only have a 2 page resume that I painfully had to scale down, but I have educaion to back it up.

Of course I am also looking on my own, so what gives them the right to tell me that I quote, "You are mot striving on your end and they can't do everything for me". They never placed me in one job or followed through with the promised jobs. This is the reason for my complaint to their management office. They actually tried to blame me for their irrespossible non-actions. I am fed up!! I am angry and feeling very depressed. People should not be treated with such disrespect.

To have the door slammed in your face when you need help is a great Sin. Appleone should call themselves AppleTWO instead. If you put two apples together side by side it begins to look like a piece of ASS. That's how they should judge themselves. It is a big joke to this company. They tend to waste people's time and money. They don't have professional people to run this company at all.

To me they're just a bunch of very unprofessional group. They would set up a schedule two to three months for you ahead of time to come in for an interview and the next thing you know they call you by phone the day you're supposed to have a appointment to cancel you out by saying that there's someone else who has the same time and date as you had.

As you all can see my point of view to this company is something else. Make your own judgement. I personally think people should not waste their time with this company if you really want to have a job. This is my experience with this BS AppleOne. Was laid-off, but immediately went replying to listings of AppleOne. To confirm, I did receive only automated confirmation emails on these applications, but no real person replies.

I poured through listings after AppleOne listings, and I also notice that some "expired" jobs that I wasn't able to apply to were posted again with newer dates, and I applied to those, and many jobs I have applied to were reposted with newer dates more than twice, and again I applied to those multiple times as well and no results.

I don't think so! Talked to their recruiters and customer service and all they gave were some BS generic replies. Don't waste you time with this BS company. Misty in Las Vegas, Nevada.

They have to remain in the limelight as a provider of jobs and employer services so they continue to post a large variety of jobs, whether or not they even exist. They post jobs that do not exist. They copy old postings and refresh them weeks or months later as if they were a real job. I can only guess that they are trying to collect personel information for some other reason because they don't reall have jobs.

I worked for Infinitas through Apple One in July I never got paid So kept calling them no one never knew were the Hell my money was deposited into some card but who's almost a month later still no pay Wat the Hell do I do. Todd in Royal Oak, Michigan. So unless you're Lebron James, if no one else is hiring you, you have no reason to be angry.

Matter of Perspective in Westlake Village, California. What a way to condemn an entire world's population of cows just because your steak was bad. Staffing agencies are a business after all and every business must sell their product. Don't have the illusion that they are there to serve you because they get paid by hiring companies,not running a charity showcase.

They are usually staffed with people with the intention to help job seekers and with obligation to please their real clients. But if people just smarten up and see it for what it is, you can fully take advantage of their services like resumes, skills assessment, interview practice etc.

Finding the right agent is also important, nobody is a robot until you treat them like it. Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana. Todd in Royal Oak, Michigan said: Fresh out of school, with full benefits, no copays, never saw a bill from a doctor.

You should be angry. All of the labor laws benefit the very rich. Now, I am not knocking every small business. But there are far TOO many people in this nation now, and they keep coming here, and you feel like a number. Having a college degree now is like finishing high school in some fields. This business of "just be glad you have a job" is part of the whole slave mentality.

I work hard, and am a professional and do a good job because that's the person I am. But do I feel lucky or privileged because I am grinding out, doing the work of 3 people? Joe Gagill in Monticello, New York. Dontbelieveit in Crazyhorse, Indiana said: Alison in Johns Island, South Carolina. I've had a completely different experience with the Apple One here. They found me a great job within a short amount of time.

It also pays very well and it's completely based off of my skills and previous experiences. I am going to be one that says I'm happy with how this company helped me. Yes, I have to work a certain amount of hours to be hired into the actually company.

That's with any temp agency. I have to say the recruiter who's been contacting me is the only recruiter out of all the other agencies who's been contacting me the most. BUT a couple of positions that she's been letting me know about are no where close to my skill set! Sometimes I wonder if they even bother looking through the resumes!

Remember that at temp agencies, search for "key words" in your online resume. Increase your chance to find the right kind of jobs by using the "best key words" that fit the type of job you seek. The job titles in your resume are what recruiters and hiring entities research to guide their hiring decisions.

As for me, I'm thankful for all the recruiters, employment agencies, and job boards. When I first started searching for jobs, I was a single mom with a high school education. To find a job, I had to manually search though newspapers, actual bulletin boards, ask friends and family, and even do "cold calling" at companies. Not exactly "the good ole days! I earned a degree while doing secretarial work and going to night college.

Don't kid yourself, looking for a job is hard anyway you look at it. That doesn't mean that we have to stick to to a plan that is not working out for us. We must remember to be kind to everyone who is trying to "make it through the day" just like we are. We should be thankful to have a live person, with great "search" capabilities and intelligence , to help us find and apply for jobs. We're also very lucky to have so many opportunities available.

We must remember to do "our part" to reach our ultimate goal; to get a job. Remember that our "on-line" self-image, blog, and reputation are open to the public and can hinder our success.

It is always best practice to to regard others politely and respectfully. I can not stand dealing with agencies or that I get the same recruiters. It just seems they lie, after they ask for information. I also did phone interviews through the agency and after that Not a word. I call and they say "I did not get feedback yet. That's after I call and e-mail numerous times. I can't stand it! Peace in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Diane in Buffalo, New York said: Shes means that you have to work as a temp longer before they release your contract to the employer. The employer has to buy you out of your contract. Otherwise, you are barred from working for the company they assigned you to for a considerable amount of time. So, instead of letting you go directly, as they should, they keep you. And, in turn, for every dollar you make, they make two. They try to max out on your salary as much as possible. I don't think they can keep you for hours because at that point, employees have to offer you benefits.

That's why a lot of part-time jobs offer up to hours within a fiscal year. Pete in Santa Ana, California. Leigh in Richardson, Texas said: Roth Staffing is the same way. One thing you have to watch out for is that if the company you were assigned to by the temp agency should want to hire you full-time, and you make this known to the temp agency, they will try their very best NOT to get you to accept the offer; instead, they will try to push you to tell the company that you are willing to work the position offered to you through the temp agency.

In other words, they want their share of the pie. GGJackson in Orlando, Florida. Skeptical in Chicago, Illinois. Someone mentioned they have reached out to the San Diego offices with no response.

I can't count how many times I've used my registered account to respond to postings and not even get a confirmation email, let alone a call. Can someone explain the best approach?

Skeptical in Chicago, Illinois said: I work for Dawson and Dawson and they receive Direct Hire positions all the time as well as a company called Job Tracks, they even have an office in San Diego job Tracks. As far as apple one goes, you could follow up with the corporate office with a phone call and let them know your disappointment with their company and they you keep receiving "Fake" emails stating there's a position open when in fact when you do call the office the email came from you can never get through and when you do get through they haven't a clue on what your talking about, after that call it a wash of your hands with the company and move on.

Seriously, apple one can sometimes just be a waste of time. But the other two companies I mentioned are right on point for finding you work ASAP, especially if your have mortgage, title and customer service experience: Leakat in Simi Valley, California. In Appleone found me a great job in Mountainview, Ca. In i moved to LA and within 2 weeks of visiting Appleone in Woodland Hills they placed me in a temp to perm job that i ended up with for 6 years making excellent money, benefits and bonuses!

In i was ready for a change so back to Appleone i went and Apple found me a job with a well known company in Glendale. Four years later Apple in Encino found me the greatest job of my life and in Dec it will be my 8 year anniversary.

Perhaps Apple has changed but they have always come through for me Camille in Houston, Texas. Applied to numerous positions at this AppleOne location and others within the Houston area.

I would go in for an "interview" and then nothing happens. The recruiters do not follow up with you on the position you have applied to. All they do is give you the run around. I'm destined to believe that most of these job postings by AppleOne are not real or the positions that are listed aren't necessarily available. Do not waste your time with AppleOne, or you'll be waiting for years to find a job.

I called Apple one corporate because I was upset at two different Apple one offices who promised to find jobs for me. The first Apple one, I was scheduled to come in at 8 am and no one was there when I came for the process of registering. And finally when the employer arrived it was 10 am and they were having a meeting. I did not want to reschedule and the manager only interviewed for a few minutes and that was it.

The second Apple One I took all the required tests, etc and was told through email that I was overqualified for most of their positions. I had enough and called Apple One corporate office.

Diane in Mountain View, California. Vee in Hesperia, California. Kevin Khan in Downey, California. Fake advertisements, fake jobs on websites, and weird recruiters who have ZERO interest in your placement are the eminent components of this so called staffing agency. When you as a candidate spent some time on initial approach through one of their recruiter by submitting your resume and expressing your interest, that's the only time you would hear the voice of that so-called recruiter.

In the height of frustration when you try to get hold of another recruiter, the story starts again from the scratch and then that recruiter is vanished too! And then so on! So you keep submitting your resumes, you keep calling them and leaving messages for the concerned recruiter, or indicate about the advertised open position on their web site, but the end result will always be zero!

Perhaps you need to have a life span of at-least years when your application or interest about any specific position would be heard by the Apple One recruiter, if you are very lucky! And if you don't have that kind of life span then its not the problem of Apple One! Well, when comes to employment and job placement through this so-called staffing agency "Apple-One" then the proverb would become something like this " Apple-One a Day, Keeps the Job Away".

Because the highly efficient recruiters of Apple-One need some ample time to match your skill set with an appropriate job opening and of course it is not an easy task! And if you are impatient and cannot wait for just few hundred years then its not the problem of Apple-One recruiters but its only YOU to to be blamed!

So patience and persistence is very important. Gale in Lynnwood, Washington. I have not been impressed. Going through the tests, really you must just memorize or use two computers. Then after all of that you never hear back. Actually the person that you connected with is no longer there. This is the same problem with All of the recruiters that I have had to deal with. I wish there was a system in place for the job seekers and a testing site that could be used by all so that we could avoid doing the testing a billion times to never get the job you were interested in the first place.

I could not agree more. AppleOne is a complete waste of time. They act like they have jobs for you to interview with but never deliver.

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